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Usually, people with drug and alcohol addiction don’t seek help. Majority of the time a relative or a friend bring that individual at a drug rehab center as an act of love or kindness. In the event that you are on this site all alone looking for help congratulations! we are here to help.

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Who We Are

The BES Group, Inc. has been involved in intervention, prevention, education and treatment of alcohol and other drugs since 1989. Various grants and contracts have been written, awarded and implemented by the organization to provide prevention and treatment services in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas.

What We Do

We are leaders in the field of alcohol and chemical dependency treatment. As a leading Addiction Recovery Center, we provide a full range of chemical dependency treatment programs in a professional and comfortable setting. We consistently deliver affordable treatment based on the highest quality standards, managed by a team of caring experts.

The Northline, Baytown, and Beaumont locations provide intensive outpatient treatment and ambulatory detoxification services, funded in part by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The Medical Directors at each location have years of experience in the treatment of chemical dependency including detoxification from substances of abuse. The programs at Baytown, Beaumont, Pasadena and West Houston provide treatment to adults and adolescents while the Northline program provides treatment only to adults.