From the Desk of the CEO

From the Desk of the CEO

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March is upon us and it’s time that we talk about the importance of being active in our communities. We must plant seeds, in order for changes to take place and opportunities and relationships to grow. I am excited to announce that BES Group & Associates/Solutions Plus™ is now a member of the Southeast Harris County Community Coalition, and the Pasadena Community Coalition. We believe that working with these organizations is crucial in continuing to spread the word about what is going on in our society and tackling these issues while finding solutions.

So I want to encourage every one of you to do the same. Assess what issues are prevalent in your community, collaborate with other organizations and like-minded individuals to address these issues and how you can help. Go out into your communities and plant your seeds! The more we all work together, the more our world will thrive. So you live™.

Please enjoy your beginning of Spring, Easter, and entire month of March. Feel free to reach out to BES Group & Associates/Solutions Plus™ to collaborate and work together in the future.

Billy E. Smith

BES Group / Solutions Plus

The BES Group, Inc. has been involved in intervention, prevention, education and treatment of alcohol and other drugs since 1989. Various grants and contracts have been written, awarded and implemented by the organization to provide prevention and treatment services in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas.

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