Domestic Violence Program

Domestic Violence Program

The Domestic Violence Program, which is 18 sessions in length (36 hours total), is designed to teach participants how to handle conflict primarily in close, intimate relationships, how to de-escalate stressful situations, and how to develop healthy relationship skills through improved communication. This program is accredited through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice – Community Justice Assistance Division as a recognized Battering Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP).

Participants are educated on forms of abuse, long term impact of abuse on children and the family unit, and belief systems. The Domestic Violence Program promotes non-violent planning, and addresses attitude and belief changes that are pivotal in the prevention of further violent acts. Participants are also taught conflict resolution skills and are provided opportunities to practice skills in the group setting.

The Domestic Violence Program is gender specific which is in accordance with BIPP guidelines.

The services are provided by Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC’s), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW’s), Master’s Level Clinicians, or Certified BIPP Facilitators.

Participants are required to complete Intake and Orientation which includes the initial assessment and individualized program planning with the clinician ($50 fee) where it is further determined if this program will meet participant needs.

Our Domestic Violence Program is provided at each of our five (5) locations. We currently have one location that offers this program in Spanish, North Houston (Northline). Additionally, we have a Saturday class available at our Pasadena location.

The cost of the Domestic Violence Program is $540.00, payable at registration, or $30.00 each session.

Contact us today for additional information or to begin participation.

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