How to Get Reviews on Google Plus

Google Plus Reviews. Lets Grow our Local Search Traffic

In order to post a review, users must have a Google + account, which can cause some hang-ups even for the most eager clients. Here are some savvy tips for earning more Google+ reviews on your Google + local business page:

Simply Ask: Ask every single past and current client and slowly build the habit of inviting them to leave their comments (send an email with the location URl below and politely ask for a review).
If a client emails in a sterling review or calls in a testimonial, reach out and ask them to post it directly onto your page. But don’t get greedy! One online review per customer is plenty, even if your site is listed on multiple platforms.

Don’t push: Invite honest feedback and comments and let customers talk about whatever topics/ aspects of your business that they want to – never push your own agenda. If you do, the push back could quickly backfire and drop your ratings.

Avoid giving out the URL link to your Google+ Local Page: If too many reviews come in through the same link, Google may start to get suspicious and begin blocking some reviews. Vary your approach. Ask for reviews verbally, via email, facebook private messages,  or a slick printed handout/ business card.

Here are the Google Plus pages for each location in case you want to share via your email or Facebook:

  • Baytown:
  • Beaumont:
  • Northline:
  • Pasadena:
  • West Houston:

Use Google Maps as the backdoor: While at the office the only way to leave a Google Plus Local review without a Google+ account is to go through Google maps (users will need some form of a Google account). Have customers look up your business on their Google Map smartphone app (installed on 100% of android devices and a variety of iOS devices), find your listing, and leave a review.

Don’t cheat. Not even a little bit: Desperation can lead business owners to take shady actions. Don’t forge, purchase, or incentivize reviews. It’s tough to pull the wool over Google’s eyes and when you get caught – the price can be devastating.

Start with your closest clients and or friends: Find the ones that you feel comfortable talking to and ask them first, understand the process for leaving a review on different devices and help them review the site.

There is a review portal installed on each location page on the website. The video below shows how to easily gain the reviews. Please be aware DO NOT have your clients leave the reviews from the computers at your office. Google knows that all reviews came from one machine and same IP address and it will block our local accounts and rankings. Email your patients/clients this URL: and politely ask them to leave a review before the last class.