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We know that addiction is many things – but it does not have to be a life sentence. Our team of counselors at the Addiction Recovery Center is dedicated to serving residents of Baytown, TX in Harris County. The Baytown Location serves the Houston Metropolitan, Channelview and La Porte areas by providing a variety of support services to those struggling with addiction and substance abuse.

Education Programs

Solutions Plus offers numerous programs related to behavioral health and drug & alcohol education. These educational courses illustrate the long term effects of substance use in an effort to promote healthy decision making among participants.Please review the list of educational programs available at the Baytown Addiction Recovery Center:

All Students signing up for this class, please be sure that you visit the class location at least a day prior to the class in order to fill out all of the necessary forms needed. All paperwork MUST be completed before your class begins or you will not be allowed to enter the class for that day. Thank you

Texas Drug Offenders Education Program (TDOEP)

2018March12-16Mon.- Fri.6p-9p Sign Up NOW

DWI Repeat Offenders Program (DWI II)

2018January 8 - February 26Mon. & Wed. 6p-9pHershell Sign Up NOW

Reach out to our team by calling 281-422-3619 for more information.


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Outpatient Recovery Services, Baytown

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for adults.The Intensive Outpatient Program by BES Group & Associates/Solutions Plus is an ideal option for drug addiction survivors balancing recovery while working, studying, or fulfilling other obligations. The program lasts 8 weeks and combines the 12-Step philosophy with additional proven clinical treatment methods. Patients will participate in relapse prevention education, spirituality awareness, family counseling, family education groups, chemical dependency education groups, as well as individual counseling.

    This eight-week outpatient treatment program meets three times weekly (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday) for 3-hour sessions facilitated by a licensed chemical dependency counselor.

  • Supportive Outpatient Treatment Program (SOP)
    The So You Live Supportive Outpatient Treatment Program is a three-month recovery program that combines group sessions and individual counseling. It is ideal for patients who qualify for less intensive care, and for those that must work, study, or fulfill other responsibilities while completing a treatment program. Participants will discuss spirituality and emotions in recovery, common challenges in early recovery, effects of chemicals on the body, internal and external drug & alcohol triggers, thinking reports, relapse prevention, sex/ relationships in recovery, stages of change, and aftercare planning.

    This 90-day outpatient treatment program meets two times weekly (Wednesday and Friday).

Aftercare Services

The BES Group & Associates/ Solutions Plus offers aftercare services for participants who have successfully completed a So You Live recovery program within the past 18 months. Aftercare groups are available one hour every week and aim to support participants in maintaining strong connections to their peers and counselors, all the while providing a safe space to discuss the ups and downs of the recovery process. These unique aftercare services distinguish the BES Group & Associates/ Solutions Plus from other addition centers, as few are able to provide such high quality ongoing support for patients.

Behavioral Health

BES Group & Associates believes that healthy life skills are necessary in order to obtain sustainable recovery. Therefore, our team of licensed psychiatrists, professional counselor interns, clinical social workers, and psychiatrist are dedicated to helping people replace their addiction behaviors with positive habits.

TThe So You Live team is prepared to address a wide range of topics including physical/sexual abuse (victim focused), depression, parent-child relationships, stress and anxiety, partner relationships, family relationships, job loss, coworker relationships, anger/aggressive behavior, adjustment disorders, ADHD, and mood disorders.

BES Group & Associates currently provides the following behavioral health services:

  • Common Challenges in Early Recovery
  • Drug & Alcohol Triggers (Internal & External)
  • Spirituality in Recovery
  • Thinking Reports
  • Stages of Change
  • Emotions in Recovery
  • Aftercare Planning
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Sex/Relationships in Recovery
  • Effects of Chemicals on the Body

Reach out to our team by calling 281-422-3619 for more information.