Ambulatory Detox

Ambulatory Detoxification

ambulatory Detox

The Ambulatory (Outpatient) Detoxification is provided daily, seven days per week. Services provided include assessment, medical history and physical examination, vital signs, individual counseling, chemical dependency education groups, case management, and referral. Ambulatory Detox, 5 to 10 days in length, meets for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 5 hours daily with the longest days being the day of admission and discharge. Each patient is assessed by the treatment team to determine the eligibility of the patient. After completion of a medical history and physical examination, the Medical Director determines medications and protocols needed, and authorizes the admission to ambulatory detoxification treatment. Each day the patient will be seen by the treatment team to assess progress in the program and to identify further needs.

The treatment team will work with the patient in a nurturing manner allowing for Detox on an outpatient basis and continuation of daily responsibilities, such as employment and/or school. The additional family/significant other support for the patient is essential for successful Detox completion to include daily transportation of the patient for services until the physician writes orders that patient is stable enough to transport him/herself. It is important that the family/significant other be involved in the admission, as well as engaged in the discharge process. Together, the treatment team and family/significant other encourage and motivate the patient to not only successfully detox, but to desire maintained sobriety.

Prior to completion of Ambulatory Detoxification, the treatment team will meet with the patient to determine further treatment needs which may include individual therapy or intensive outpatient treatment. Family/significant other support persons are welcomed to participate in this process with patient consent.

The Ambulatory Detoxification program, provided by trained clinicians under the supervision of the Medical Director, allows affordable per diem rates that benefit patients and managed mental health companies alike by cutting out the residential portion of the fee completely. We are trend setters by providing the highest acuity of care in the least restrictive

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Our Commitment

  • Evaluate and oversee the patient’s vital signs and withdrawal symptoms daily to ensure that prescribed medications are controlling withdrawal and counseling is directed toward engaging the patient in formal treatment.
  • Drug & Alcohol Triggers (Internal & External)
  • Develop a treatment plan with the patient while in the program.
  • Develop a discharge plan with the patient for ongoing treatment following completion of the detoxification program.
  • Ensure continuous access to emergency medical care.

Patient Responsibility

  • All Ambulatory Detox patients MUST secure transportation to and from facility for participation in scheduled services until our physician writes orders stating patient is stable enough to transport self.
  • Meet daily with the Nurse for vital signs, monitoring of withdrawal signs/symptoms, and medication management.
  • Participate in daily individual counseling Monday through Saturday with a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor or Nurse.
  • Participate in chemical dependency education group daily to gain understanding of the signs/symptoms of withdrawal, the disease of addiction, and how it has impacted all life areas.
  • Participate in discharge planning and discharge assessment to determine further treatment needs.

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