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“A New Year, A New You”

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… The Ball drops, the fireworks light up the sky, and New Year’s resolutions become the topic of conversation. Some people pull out the running shoes from the back of the closet, while others dust of their Bible. The next day you drive by the local gym and it looks like they are having a town meeting inside. Further down the road, you drive by the local churches and those who were not at the gym can be found here. Getting healthy and getting religious are typically the top resolutions people make. Why? Because they are wanting to feel better, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually. The same is true for people who have mental health problems. They want to feel better. Many have turned to drugs and alcohol to accomplish this. At some point this may even lead to an addiction. Many who have a mental health problems look for any means necessary to try and make themselves feel better. Besides turning to drugs, others turn to other addictions such as food, sex, gambling, and unhealthy relationships. Why? Because they just want to find something to make them feel better. Individuals may lack the resources to get the proper mental health treatment. They may not be able to obtain or maintain a job. They may lack the physical ability to pull themselves out of the quagmire they have sunk in. Others may not even realize they are hurting and continue to engage in behaviors that they don’t realize are harmful. These individual are often surrounded by people who love them and want them to get better. They too, however, may not have the resources, or the knowledge of available resources, and are only able to watch as their loved one sinks deeper and deeper into despair. Others may actually enable the self-destructing behaviors for fear of upsetting the person even more. With all this being said the question is… “What can be done?” The first and foremost thing a person can do to help is get educated! Educate yourself on the types of resources available in your area. Contact your local state health services department, police departments, and don’t forget the all-knowing Google! There are so many resources available to people that remain hidden in plain sight. State funded facilities are often available for people who have little or no income and lack health insurance. Other clinics offer rates on a sliding scale and give the client the option to pay for their treatment in payments. If you know someone who is suffering from mental health problems and wanting to get better, help them! Let them know that there are places out there that can and will get them the treatment that they need. Help them get to their appointments and give them the reassurance that things can and will get better. By doing this you will be able to help someone say and finally be able to mean “Happy New Year”.

By: Baytown BES Group Solutions Plus

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