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Ten Tips to Help You Save for the Holidays

Make a Gift List – Start with the people most important to you, your coworkers just might not make the cut this year.

Get Creative – Don’t go to Pinterest and spend more money buying craft items and even more time trying to be creative when you are not, however instead of buying individual gifts try family gifts:

Movie Cinema Gift Cards

A couple of throws/blankets, popcorn and a Netflix card

Pull Names – If you come from a large family use Thanksgiving as a time to pull names for gift giving.  On each name, make a list on the back of the person’s favorite color and favorite things to do in order to spark your buying inspiration.

Purchase Only for Children – Come on, the holidays are about the connection of family, and no one wants to disappoint.  However parents were once young so they understand the special gift from grandma and grandpa or aunt and uncle.   So it’s OK to just narrow down The Jones Family of five to just The Jones Children of three.

Buy Gift cards NOT for giving but for getting! – Every payday purchase one gift card from a store you use for gift purchasing.  If you start now, even at $25 per payday by Christmas you should have paid cash for your crew’s loot.

Start Early – The sooner you shop, the less stress you will have and the impulse desperate purchase you make on December 23 will be a thing of the past!

Shop Online – One thing for sure, you aren’t tempted by the isle of items waiting for you as your basket winds around stores like Marshall’s, Ross and Nordstrom Rack.  You can say “bye-bye” to that $5 hand lotion stocking stuffer for sure.

Black Friday – Shop Online!  The same thing everyone is in line for at 2:00AM – 99% of it is available while in your bathrobe at midnight via the internet.  Get the deals done early!

Group Gifts for Coworkers – If you are a boss and have to buy for a group don’t be ordinary.  A company once sent Pizza/Food deliveries to their employee’s homes that had children while they attended the holiday party.

Friends/Family – Have a Holiday Open House.  If you are a great cook, have at it.  If not, just order fresh baked cookies and pies.  Put pots of coffee and cider on, your favorite holiday music and let the doors swing open for a couple of hours.  Everyone will come dressed in their festive clothing and you will share the true meaning of the holiday season.

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