Anger/Stress Management Program (AM)

Anger/Stress Management Program

The Anger/Stress Management Program, which is fourteen (14) sessions in length, is designed to promote healthy coping skills, accountability, and appropriate expression of emotions. Participants are taught assertive communication skills, healthy coping skills, and effective decision making skills which they practice and demonstrate throughout the program during group counseling sessions.

Also, participants will be able to recognize negative thinking and physical cues that lead to unhealthy displays of emotions or aggressive behaviors, and will be able to utilize conflict resolution skills learned and practiced during the program.

The instructors for the Anger/Stress Management Program are Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC’s), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW’s), Masters’ Level, or Certified Anger Resolution Therapists.

Participants are required to complete Intake and Orientation which includes the initial assessment and individualized program planning with the clinician ($50 fee) where it is further determined if this program will meet participant needs. The cost of the 14 week program is $420.00 payable at registration or $30.00 per session. Once the program has been completed, a “Certificate of Completion” is issued to the participant.

Our Anger Management Program is provided at each of our five (5) locations. We are able to provide this program in Spanish at our North Houston (Northline). Additionally, we have a Saturday class available at our Pasadena location.

Anger management counseling can also be provided on a one-on-one basis through individual counseling sessions if determined as appropriate by the clinician during Intake and Orientation.