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Drug Rehab in Northwest Houston

The Northwest Office is the BES Group & Associates/Solutions Plus premier recovery center for people finding their way back from addiction and substance abuse.


Numerous recovery services are available and the center is staffed by a top team of medical professionals and counselors. If you or a loved one is seeking addiction treatment, intervention, education, or support,


So You Live Northwest is a positive local resource for recovery.

BES Group & Associates / Solutions Plus - Nortwest

Addiction Recovery Center and Drug Detox in Northwest Houston, TX


13201 Northwest Freeway

Suite 503
Houston, TX 77040

(832) 220-5752

Education Programs

Knowledge is power, which is why Solutions Plus offers a range of educational programs that address topics related to behavioral health and drug & alcohol use. These courses are intended to promote healthy decision making.

Struggling with Alcohol and Drug Addiction? 832-220-5752 Get Help Now!

Drug Rehab Services in Northwest Houston

For those seeking continued treatment after inpatient programs, the IOP is an eight-week program that can easily be incorporated into even the busiest life schedule.

The Intensive Outpatient Program by BES Group & Associates/Solutions Plus is founded upon the 12-Step philosophy, while at the same time incorporating numerous additional proven clinical treatment methods. Program participants will undergo individual counseling, chemical dependency education groups, family education groups, family counseling, spirituality awareness, as well as relapse prevention education.

This eight-week outpatient treatment program meets three times weekly (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) from 6 pm to 9 pm and sessions facilitated by a licensed chemical dependency counselor.

Individuals who require less intensive treatment and who must balance the demands of work, school, or family life, are welcome to join the Supportive Outpatient Treatment Program. The SOP is a 3-month comprehensive treatment program that incorporates both group and individual counseling. Participants will discuss a variety of topics, including challenges in early recovery, internal and external drug & alcohol triggers, spirituality and emotions in recovery, thinking reports, stages of change, aftercare planning, relapse prevention, sex/ relationships in recovery, and effects of chemicals on the body.

This 90-day outpatient treatment program meets two times weekly (Tuesday and Thursday).

Struggling with Alcohol and Drug Addiction? 832-220-5752 Get Help Now!

Aftercare Services

Participants who complete any BES Group & Associates/ Solutions Plus treatment program may receive up to 18 months of aftercare services after their program completion date. Aftercare Services support individuals along their road to recovery by helping maintain relationships with peers and counselors. During the one hour weekly sessions participants are also able to discuss the many challenges that may arise during the recovery process. This program sets BES Group & Associates/ Solutions Plus apart from other addiction centers as few are able to provide ongoing support for patients who complete their stay in an addiction facility.

Behavioral Health

Self-awareness and the creation of healthy habits are the cornerstones of successful recovery programs. That is why BES Group & Associates has gathered a team of clinical professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest quality behavioral health services and education. Our team consists of licensed psychiatrists, licensed professional counselors, licensed professional counselor interns (Texas State designated), and licensed clinical social workers. Together they address some of the most prevalent topics that arise during recovery processes: including physical/sexual abuse (victim focused), stress and anxiety, depression, parent-child relationships, partner relationships, family relationships, coworker relationships, job loss, anger/aggressive behavior, adjustment disorders, mood disorders, and ADHD.

  • Common Challenges in Early Recovery

  • Drug & Alcohol Triggers (Internal & External)

  • Spirituality in Recovery

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Sex/Relationships in Recovery

  • Effects of Chemicals on the Body

  • Thinking Reports

  • Stages of Change

  • Emotions in Recovery

  • Aftercare Planning

Struggling with Alcohol and Drug Addiction? 832-220-5752 Get Help Now!

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