Parenting Skills Education Program

Parenting Skills Education Program

The Parenting Skills Education Program, Parenting, is an 18 hour program that consists of group counseling sessions for 12 weeks consecutively. The group is facilitated by a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a maximum of 12 participants per group.

The focus of the Parenting Skills Education Program is on:

  • The Responsibility Of Individuals For Their Actions And The Need To
  • Appropriately Express Their Emotions
  • Parenting Styles & Styles Of Communication
  • Attachment And Bonding Between Parent And Child
  • Children’s Growth And Development
  • Child Care (Including Nutrition, Immunization Scheduling, Medical Care And Hygiene)
  • Stress And Time Management,
  • Importance Of Play And Social Skill Development
  • Behavior Modification And Discipline
  • Long Term Effects Of Abuse And Neglect, And
  • Caring For Children with Specialized Medical and Developmental Needs.

Parenting promotes development of healthy family relationships and addresses attitude and belief changes which are pivotal in usage of appropriate parenting tools.

Participants in the Parenting Program experience a warm, nurturing atmosphere that is conducive to learning new styles of parenting, as well as learning more about themselves.

The Parenting Skills Education Program not only promotes development of healthy family relationships, but encourages positive change.

Parenting can also be provided in individual counseling sessions if determined appropriate by the therapist during Intake and Orientation.

Our Parenting Skills Education Program meets all attendance requirements stipulated by referral sources to include the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (CPS) and Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department (Harris County Probation).

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