Decision Making/Life Skills Class

Decision Making/Life Skills Class

With everyone facing so many challenges and unforeseen circumstances, BES Group & Associates has developed a Decision Making/Life Skills Class (DMLC) to better prepare participants for healthy living.

Some persons are mandated by the judicial system to complete a Decision Making/Life Skills Class also as a result of unhealthy risk taking behaviors. BES Group & Associates’ DMLC meets the judicial system’s attendance and programmatic requirements.

DMLC focuses on the definition of challenges, home and work management, coping with serious mental illness, rest and relaxation techniques, parenting, relationship building, social skills, and values.

As DMLC is presented in a group format, participants are able to further discuss reducing stress, expression of feelings, communication styles, and avoiding problems with alcohol and drugs.

The Decision Making/Life Skills Class is facilitated by Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselor Interns (Texas State designated), and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

The cost is $65 per 2 hour group session.

Decision Making/Life Skills Class is currently being held at our North Houston – Northline location and is available at all our 5 locations.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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