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Detox Houston - SO YOU LIVE™

Addiction is a disease that quite literally poisons the bodies and lives of millions of Americans every single day. Healing from that disease requires first breaking free of the substances and behaviors that cause destruction, during a period known as detox. During this time patients create space between themselves and their addictive tendencies, and that space gives way to healing.

SO YOU LIVE™ and the BES Group provide Detox Houston services that are completely individualized and designed to address the medical, psychological, and educational needs of people struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

Detox Houston Services

Beating addiction once and for all requires working with a team of trained professionals and recognizing that rehabilitation is never one size fits all. For that reason, SO YOU LIVE™ offers alcohol and drug addiction treatment, behavioral health therapy, and state certified alcohol and drug education. These programs are designed to guide participants from day one – when they first decide to seek help – to well after their substance abuse stops.

Our renowned outpatient programs allow individuals to establish their sobriety without entirely withdrawing from their daily lives. The SO YOU LIVE™ staff works to minimize the discomfort of withdrawals, mitigate the probability of relapse by addressing the body-mind aspects of addiction, all while providing participants the flexibility they need to keep up with the demands of daily life.

All services are provided in both English and Spanish.

Our Locations

Reclaiming your health and rebuilding your life does not mean you have to travel far from home because we understand that convenience is an important consideration when choosing a treatment program. Thanks to our vast network of addiction treatment centers throughout the following Texas metropolitan areas:

Drug Detox – Pasadena, TX
Drug Detox – North Houston, TX

When it comes to alcohol detox Houston TX, drug detox Houston TX, no other rehabilitation centers can match our commitment to personalized treatment and sustained sobriety. The feedback we’ve received from previous participants and the detox Houston reviews that flood our offices every day are evidence of the fact that your recovery is our top priority and our detox Houston team will guide you every step of the way.

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