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5 Steps to Wellness

April is here and we’re finally getting warmer weather, doing more outside, and traveling more. Naturally, spring time brings out a lot of ways to promote wellness… but, do you know about them? We’re sure you know there’s a lot of national holidays; some are fun, but let’s get into the ones that have a real purpose shall we?

This month we want to highlight some national observances that will help promote awareness and wellness. If you’re not aware, April is Alcohol Awareness Month, National Minority Mental Health Month, National Counseling Awareness Month, National Stress Awareness Month, World Health Day (April 7th), and we’re sure there are much more… With these observances in mind, how many were you already aware of? BES Group will be promoting these observances all month long on our social media (links below). Please share any content if you can! In the meantime, let’s see how we can have more wellness in our lives.


Did you know that enlightening others about different causes can spark something great? Just like the national observances we’ve just shared with you, think of the people that still don’t know about them. You bringing awareness is wellness in itself. You never know who you may help! Speaking of help, if there are events centered around these observances why not volunteer a little bit of your time. You’re gonna feel amazing doing so.

Go Outside

We know that you may hear this from us pretty often, but being outside promotes wellness! Go to a park, or just sit outside for 15-20 minutes. We promise that you’ll feel happier.

Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Have you heard that saying you are what you eat? Well fruits and vegetables give us a lot of the nutrition that we lack on a day to day basis because of the amount of processed food we are consuming. Do you ever notice the little burst of energy you get from eating an orange? You’re not going to get that from your favorite burger. Try to consume more. You’ll notice the difference and your body will thank you.

See A Chiropractor

A lot of people are unaware that their bodies might be out of alignment. A chiropractor can help put your body back in re-alignment and you’ll be able to walk straighter, breathe easier, and it’s even supposed to reduce anxiety.


Last, but certainly not least is something you already know you should be doing. This is another one we talk about quite often. Are you one of those people that set a resolution and started your year in the gym and didn’t return after mid-February? Get up, and get out! Exercise releases endorphins and reduces stress. Even if it’s a 15 min workout or walk, get moving.

We hope that these tips encourge you to be well this month and all year long! You deserve to be the best you that you can be! So you live™.

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