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A Mother’s Love

Where would you be today without your mother? For most of us we would probably be lost. A mother for us provides love, guidance, nourishment, and so much more. But what happens when you don’t receive that?

Becoming a mother is a life-changing event, and for some mothers it can either be one of the most difficult times in life… or the best. As babies, we need our mothers from birth as we cannot do anything on our own. A mother that may be experiencing post-partum depression may not be able to be there for their child as they need to be. So the question is who can be there for mom?

Here are some things that we can do to be there for a mom that may be experiencing post-partum depression:

Let the mother rest.  Gather up the kids and take them to the park or museum and allow the mother to have some time of relaxation. She can be very overwhelmed, and may not be quick to ask for assistance.

Seek proffesional help.  Set up an appointment to see a counselor or therapist. It is not uncommon for mothers to see a mental health professional. And it will be very beneficial for the mother’s well being.

Be patient. Many moms going through post-partum depression may feel like they’re being a burden to others. Just be there and be reassuring. She’ll appreciate you for it.

While babies depend on being nurtured by their mothers which is good for their well-being, we have to take care of mamas too. From all of us here at BES group, have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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