Benefits of Telemedicine for Mental Health

In today's changing world, due to COVID-19, more and more services are being offered remotely. This includes mental health and therapy services. BES Group has offered telemedicine services for over a year, and we are happy to continue to serve our clients through this remote service. There are many benefits to using telemedicine to take care of your mental health. Benefits include:

  • Improved access to mental health specialty care

  • Care can be offered in the safety of your home

  • Reduce delays in care

  • Improved continuity of care and follow-up

  • Reduce the need for time off work, childcare services, etc. to access appointments far away

  • Reduce potential transportation barriers, such as lack of transportation or the need for long drives

  • Reduce the barrier of stigma

If you are interested in BES Group telehealth services, please contact us today.

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