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Celebrating the Holidays during a Global Pandemic

The Holidays come every year and this year's global pandemic has certainly created a Holiday season like no other. With the Holidays quickly approaching many find the impending stress and depression during the season lurking around the corner. It should be a time of family, making connections and spending time with loved ones, but with the demand for social distancing, this season may feel especially daunting.

It’s difficult to stop and regroup. You may be experiencing worry over how your holiday celebrations will pan out during this age of COVID-19. Will you get to see your loved ones? Are you going to miss out on your holiday traditions? Here are some tips on celebrating the Holiday season during a global pandemic.

1. Keep the traditions that matter most.

If you love decorating for the Holidays, then by all means pull out your decorations and celebrate in style. Make your special holiday foods, even if you are serving a much smaller crowd. Many families are offering "grab and go" or "dropping off" holiday meals so loved ones can still get a slice of that prized ham or Grandma's famous cobbler while maintaining social distancing.

2. Online Gift Giving

Online shopping offers an opportunity for you to send your loved once gifts while maintaining healthy COVID protocols. offers gift wrapping options as well as 2-day delivery. Don't want to miss out on the smiling faces as they unwrap presents? Set up online parties using Zoom or other video conferencing platforms.

3. Spread the Holiday Cheer

It the return of old-fashioned Holiday cards and letters. Take the time to write a letter to a loved one and send it through the mail. Leave a bag of goodies on their doorstep or send them a thoughtful email. Take the time to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them this Holiday season.

4. Pick up the Phone.

If you are feeling lonely, start dialing. During the holidays it is always a welcomed surprise when we here from a long lost friend or family member. Take the time out to say just say hi,

you might be surprised how the conversation might lead you to great memories and laughter.

5. Take Advantage of Technology

Social distancing does not mean you have to miss out on your family during the Holidays. Schedule an online movie night! With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu you can all sit and watch a holiday movie together from the comfort of your own home. Do you love baking? Set up a virtual baking session and spend time talking and laughing with your loved ones as you bake cookies and desserts from your own kitchens

6. Reach out for Help

There is nothing wrong with admitting you are struggling. The holidays can be a challenging time for many, but during this pandemic, it can be especially hard. With many people at of work and struggling financially, and many feeling the challenges of social distancing, it is okay to acknowledge your feelings and reaching out to a mental health professional if needed. You are not alone. Many are sharing in the same feelings.

We encourage your to make every moment count, even during this challenging Holiday season. On behalf of BES Group & Associates, we wish you a merry holiday season and good cheer.

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