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From the Desk of the CEO

In a month where we see love is spread overwhelmingly all around, I want to make sure that you are also showing love not just with candy and cards, but with care. Medication Assisted Treatment is needed to get your loved ones the help that they need. I want to stress the importance of this care specifically because it is not often discussed. The more we talk about it, the more people we can help in our lives and communities. Heroin and opiate use is at an all time high and it’s finally coming to light that something needs to be done about it. If you know of someone that is in need of help, get them Medication Assisted Treatment.

I want you to check out this video where the people of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation talk about Medication Assisted Treatment. Very informative video.

Care for someone that needs it. That’s love; and it needs to be given year round. Not just on a special day. Keep that in mind and have a wonderful month.

We are here to help, so you live.

-Billy E. Smith

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