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From the Desk of the CEO -April

Thomas Tusser wrote, “April showers bring May flowers”, but unfortunately those who suffer from the disease of alcoholism will experience the torrential downpour of the disease and have no pleasant experience of May flowers. Being that it is Alcohol Awareness Month, how can we help those who suffer from this terrible disease have the quote “April showers bring May flowers” ring true in their lives? Whether it be our love ones, a neighbor, a coworker or just an individual on the street, we must reach out with a loving hand and a kind word to let them know that we care and want the best for them. Alcohol has become a tightly woven thread in the social fabric of the world. Parties, picnics, family reunions, weddings and other social gatherings most often involve the use of alcohol. We get so involved in the social aspect of the use of alcohol until we forget about the dangers it could possibly lead to. Driving while intoxicated, public intoxication, underage drinking, domestic violence and to top the list alcoholism. We have to remain aware that these dangers exist and do all that we can to spread the awareness that under the social use aspect of alcohol lies a more dangerous aspect of the use of alcohol. We here at BES Group and Associates/Solutions Plus want to work together in Alcohol Awareness Month as well as the rest of the year to help others become more aware of the dangers of alcohol. So You Live!

-Billy E. Smith

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