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From the Desk of the CEO -August

As we gear our kids up for another school year, BES Group & Associates/Solutions Plus is gearing up for some major things as well! Back to school means getting focused again, and back on schedule! So let me give you some tips to get on track… So you live™.

1. Acknowledge what you need.

You’re gearing up for another school year and you need to make a list of all things you need to be successful. With our services here we can help you figure out exactly what you need! From our outpatient detox program, to our psychiatric services, you’ll be well on your way to success!

2. Stick to the plan.

Although it can be hard, our team of supportive staff are here to help you! As long as you keep going and stick to your plan, you should start to see things get easier!

3. Don’t be hard on yourself.

We can be our own worst critics at times and that can lead us backwards! That’s not what we want! Try to write down some positive affirmations and refer to them daily. The key to success is always remaining positive and believing in yourself!

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Like I said, we’re always here to help you! If there’s anything you need let us know.

5. Surround yourself with positive peers and loved ones.

This is very crucial to tip #2 of your sticking to the plan and staying on track! Always surround yourself with positive people that you know will encourage you every step of the way. We as humans need support. Don’t ever think that you have to go through something alone.

On Saturday, August 13, 2016 our BES Group & Associates/Solutions Plus team will be at Riceville Mt. Olive Baptist Church to spread the word about our services and explain to our community about under-aged drinking and smoking. I encourage everyone to attend and connect with us. More information will be listed in the newsletter below.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful start to the school year!

-Billy E. Smith

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