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Hiding Behind the Screen

Living in the age of technology has made our lives so convienent that we barely have to get off the couch to do anything. Because of this we’ve seen many instances where anyone can be whoever they want to be online. You can create a whole other personality online and choose to be anonymous. Sounds great right?

Well, it can be as long as it’s not abused. Over the years, social media has grown so much it has essentially become a way of how we communicate with one another on a daily basis. We have quick access to others whom we would otherwise never really keep in touch with. People can have a glimpse into our lives, our friends and followers can instantly like and share with their friends.

So when can it become an issue? When someone feels inclined to be negative on your posts repeatedly and taunt you. Sometimes other people may join this person to further taunt you. This is not okay.

If a person that is being bullied online feels that there’s nothing that they can do to protect themselves they can feel threatened and alone. That can have major effects.

The Effects of Cyber Bullying

The effects of cyber bullying may not be noticeable at first, but the stress factor builds up over time. Many students experiencing cyber bullying feel alone and scared. In most instances, cyber bullying doesn’t start online, but in person. The situation then escalates. The signs of cyber bullying include:

  1. Not wanting to go to school.

  2. A sharp drop in grades and performance.

  3. Skipping school.

  4. Sudden self-esteem issues.

  5. Complaints of illnesses.

  6. Acting withdrawn.

If you know of anyone experiencing bullying of any kind, we want you to know that we are here to help. From our psychiatric services to counseling, we’ll be sure to get you the help you need. So you live™.

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