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How to (Really) Stick to Your 2017 Goals

The new year is finally here and all you’re constantly hearing about is other people’s resolutions. But who is really sticking to all of them? You may typically start to see people fall off of their resolutions around March, and then you never hear about them again for the rest of the year. Let’s try to avoid that. Here’s 3 tips to help make sure that your goals stick.

1. Set realistic goals.

Let’s start here shall we? The main reason so many fall off of their resolutions is because they never set realistic ones in the first place. Want to lose 50 lbs? Try setting smaller goals. Nothing great comes overnight. So instead set a more approachable goal of 5 pounds in a month. Things that are more obtainable usually help keep us going and striving for more.

2. Don’t set goals everyone else is setting if it doesn’t help you.

Some popular resolutions may not be for you, and that’s ok! Find what matters the most to you to accomplish. Set goals and work towards it daily. It’s your year, not everyone else’s.

3. Treat yourself.

If you’ve accomplished one of your goals, why not treat yourself to something nice? That gives incentive for you to keep going. Once you’ve accomplished one goal move on to the next. Pretty soon that major goal will be reached!

We hope that whatever your goals are for this year are all accomplished. Happy New Year!

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