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Spring is Here!

Finally, Spring has arrived! With the beautiful flowers and the sunshine come the thunderstorms. Change in seasons serves a vital purpose of the evolution of human consciousness. Spring is the time of renewal, and awakening the earth from its slumber, in which brings about new life. Spring is a very healthy and amazing season, the only season that involves all the wonderful colorful changes in nature. As the spring season sets in, the earth looks lovely and charming. The trees put forth new leaves. The flowers are blooming and decorating the colorful floor. The trees are growing little buds that are going to turn into leaves or fruits. What’s not to love about spring?

Symbolically, to us as human beings, Spring can mean a new start, sewing of new seeds, or coming forth with new ideas. Storms are inevitable and are hard to predict. The road to recovery is the same in that there will be difficult situations and it will seem that the world is going against you, but just remember that the storm will pass. It will get better you just have to get through it. We learn more about ourselves during hardships than when everything is easy. We need storms to nourish us so that we can grow. If you arm yourself with the right tools, you can beat addiction. Seeking help is the right way to achieve sobriety. As we enter this breath-taking season, try something new and better than last season. Here at BES Group we have counselors and therapist that have dedicated their lives to do just that. So to the storms that are brewing out there, we say bring it on. SPRING into a new you!!!

-West Office

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