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Many of us when it comes to Spring Time think about cleaning the house, and cleaning the yard, but how often do we think about cleaning up ourselves on the inside and outside. Our mental health play an important role in our lives, but most of us don’t think about our mental health until something happens, where we get depressed, because of foolish behavior on our part. Then we realize some cleaning in the area of mental health too is very important at Spring Time, where we need to Spring into Action! Some areas that might need to be considered are: Self – It is important to be happy with self. If you are not happy with yourself, then you are making a lot of other family, friends and co-workers unhappy because you are not happy. It is important to be happy with self. Plan some RR (Rest and Relaxation for you). This will help your attitude a lot.

Budget – Money can be a significant source of stress this time of year. Taxes are due and summer vacation balances need to be paid. When you take an honest look at your budget, it needs some work. Are you spending within your means? Is your money being spent on things that are important to you? It is time to clean up your budget. Begin by planning ahead, with what you have to spend what you will spend and what you have left. Do a budget.

Time – Time management is something many take for granted, especially time for yourself, time for your partner/mate, time for your children, and time as a family. It might be time to re-think your schedule.

We wish you well in your mental health Spring Time Cleaning; remember that this will require some planning. With a little extra time and budgeting this can be your best psychologically healthiest and cleanest spring time yet, which is definitely good for self! Smile, so SPRING INTO ACTION, it will be worth the effort.

Michael W. Gibson, LPC

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