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The Luck of the Irish be with you…

Those who are both in and in need of recovery tend to be followers although we usually do not want to admit this due to an illusion of self reliance. We follow dope, money, power, lovers and various other compulsions and obsessions generally fail to lack the power to either satisfy us or fill the ‘hole in the soul that the wind blows through…’ that most in early recovery are all too familiar with. When confronted by a program of recovery one is asked to be open minded and ask oneself what terms and all other things related to a higher power mean to them. Then Basic Text of Narcotics Anonymous relates that the minimum requirement for a higher power be nothing more than loving, kind and greater than oneself.

The real question is do I want to trust my life, mind, freedom, quality of life and all that is in it to a blind force that regards me as another random thing in a mindless universe that goes nowhere and into nothing? A blade of grass seems to have more meaning and purpose than that. If that is true how much more valuable would you and I have to what ever made the grass in the first place and causes it to grow toward the light. Having come out of the shadows, we too have the opportunity to grow and bask in the light as well. Most important of all…if you do not drink green beer you will not have green vomit. If a train kills someone, the caboose is not cause of death. Do not take the first hit, fix, pill, drink or drug and you can stay in the game.

R Dole, LCSW BES Group and Associates Pasadena location.

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