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What Are You Bringing to the Table?

The holidays are finally upon us! That means, family time, food, and fun! Spending time with our families that we haven’t seen since the last family function can sometimes for us build up anxiety. Do you ever get anxious about how you will be percieved before you get around family? If you do, that definitely can drive you crazy. What makes us tense up around the holidays so much? We want to help you maintain your cool so you can thoroughly enjoy your family, so here are some things to focus on:

  1. What are you bringing to the table? Is it pecan pie? Is it dressing? How about just being your best self? One thing you don’t want to bring to the family function is drama. Make sure that you remain positive. Compliement your loved ones, or help out in the kitchen; doing so can release those feel good hormones in your body and put you in a good mood. And after everyone sees how happy you are that’ll be sure to make them smile too.

  2. Be present in the moment. When your mind is idle or elsewhere that can prevent you from enjoying your time with your loved ones. Remain present watching that football game, or catching up with your cousins. This allows you to only focus on that moment. A lot of our anxiety can be because we’re thinking about a million other things. Focus on what’s right in front of you.

  3. Give back. Another thing that we lose sight of around the holidays at times is focusing on what we lack in our lives. We must always keep in mind that whatever we have going on in our lives that we are still here… and that is something to celebrate and be grateful for. Take some time to volunteer in your community this season. Giving back to the less fortunate can bring you back to grips on your current matters in life. It’s also good to meet others and find out their stories. You may realize that you have a lot in common.

Whatever you’re bringing to the table this year make sure that it includes positivity and love. Analyze the good things you have in your life and take the time to express your graditude for these things. Focus on the present, and enjoy your time with your loved ones! So you live™.

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