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A New Year, a Better You?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Mental Health New Years Resolutions

It’s the start of a new year and for many that means making a list of new year’s resolutions to make your year more successful than the one before. In fact, Statistic Brain reports that nearly 40% of all Americans will make a resolutions list. Sadly, 80% will fall short of accomplishing their goals. There are many theories as to why this happens: unrealistic goals, setting a goal but not implementing a game plan, or perhaps not following up on your resolutions throughout the year. There is another theory that few consider, but it may be the most crucial.

As individuals create their new year’s resolutions, many skip over the importance of mental health. Many will set goals like weight loss, more business success, giving up a vice, or starting a new hobby, but few realize just how crucial mental health is to your overall well-being. Will you be able to stick to your weight loss plan if you have not dealt with the stress that causes you to over eat? Will you be able to stop drinking if you have not changed your daily habits? Are you going to be able have time for your new hobby if you are still feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from the stress of your normal day?

Setting mental health resolutions for your new year could be crucial to your health and well-being and it could be the factor that you are missing to successfully completing your new year resolutions. This year, think about some of the issues that have caused you stress or overwhelmed you in the past year. Relationships, work, business, etc. What robbed you of your peace? Then set some mental health goals. For example, how much time did you take for you in 2017? Do you have a stress release? Time for yourself to re-group and strengthen yourself? Have you considered seeing a mental health professional or therapist to deal with some underlying issues? There is no shame in seeking help to make sure you a healthy and strong.

As the new year begins, take the time to focus on your mental health. Whether you decide to seek counsel from a mental health professional or find a support group or circle of friends you can talk with it’s important to take care of you. If you are not healthy and whole, you cannot help or care for the ones you love. May the new year bring you all the tools you need so you can live happy, healthy, and strong.

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