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Back to Basics!

The end of summer is here, and people are either preparing to return to school, or they are coming back from summer vacations and starting fresh at work. No matter your circumstance, everyone could use this time to refresh their life and get back to the basics!

What are the basics you might ask? Great question!

You should start by resetting your mind… Take some time to yourself and grab a journal.  In that journal write down all the things that are important to you.  Next, write down all the things that you want to accomplish by the end of this year.  Lastly, write down a list of things you simply enjoy; be it a hobby or going to the movies. After this look at your first list: can you narrow this list down to your needs and eliminate your wants?  This is important because if this is something that you deem as something that is important to you, but it doesn’t necessarily serve a great purpose in your life, that very thing could be stressing you out from trying to obtain it.  Got it narrowed down? Great! Now let’s move on to your next list of things that you want to accomplish by the end of this year… Do you know what you will have to do to reach this goal? If not, is it possible to push it back?  Setting a more realistic goal with a defined plan can put you at ease and give you a clearer mind.  Which is what we all want.  After you accomplish these goals, then you’ll have a clear mind to better focus on the other goals and accomplish them too!  Now on to the things you enjoy: You should always make time for the things you simply enjoy.  Don’t over-work your mind trying to figure it all out.  Take a break, and during that break, do something that you enjoy.  Do this every time you feel yourself getting overwhelmed.  By the time you finish your journal, you will have something look back on for future motivation!

Next we want to make sure that we are checking in with our family and friends. We cannot allow ourselves to become so consumed with our lives that we forget that there are people that care for us. Show them that you care about them too and give them a call or pay them a visit. It will be good for everyone!

And lastly if you need that extra boost then know that we here at BES Group & Associates/Solutions Plus are always here to help! As you may know, we have an array of services to get you or your loved ones back on track! With the professional staff at the BES Group you are sure to get all of the support that you need! So you live™.

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