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Dealing with the Holiday Blues

Here we are again, another holiday season is upon us and soon a whole new year. Holidays are a time that it is meant to be spent with family and close friends, laughing, and loving, sharing and caring, but what if you did not have any family and close friends? There are many people in this world that will end up spending the holidays alone, and depressed. The holidays, when spent alone, can bring about depression, alcoholism, drug abuse and sometimes suicide. People need to feel wanted, needed and cared for during this time of year. One suggestion that can be helpful is to do something good for the less fortunate, get together with an outreach program to help serve the homeless, or pass out toys to kids at an orphanage. Take time for yourself!! Remember, the holidays aren’t all about giving and receiving, it’s about giving your time to others and to love unconditionally. Do not spread yourself to thin financially. If you can’t afford it don’t do it. The people that do love you will understand and be grateful for your presence at the holiday functions. Keep your schedule lite. Don’t jam pack your schedule with too many holiday happenings, this can cause major stress to try and attend everything for everyone. If you start to get the holiday blues, talk about it to someone!! You would be surprised at the amount of support you get from your family and friends. Put yourself out there to meet new people and to experience new things. Have a baking party; bake homemade cookies, breads, brownies, etc. Give these items to the homeless, or less fortunate, or even to family and friends as gifts. With that said, be careful of your food intake. Those cookies and brownies are full of sugar and can zap your energy and spirits for the season. So try and keep to healthy eating habits and don’t over indulge on the sweets or alcohol. Spend time at a nursing home. Sometimes the elderly are forgotten by their family during these times. Go visit them, take some friends and carol to them, hand out homemade Christmas cards. If you need some ideas of places to do some holiday charity work, or just want to give some time to helping others here is a list of a few places around Baytown and Houston areas:

Baytown Nursing Homes: St. James House-281-425-1200 Remington Park-832-514-2812 City of Baytown Christmas Parade-Dec. 4th at 6:30 pm down Market St. & Texas Ave.

Homeless Shelters: New Horizon Family Center-281-422-2292 Bay Area Homeless Services-281-837-1654

A really great idea is to gather blankets, beanie hats, gloves and socks, wrap them all in the blankets, 1 set each. Make a brown bag lunch and go to an area where homeless people live and pass them out. They will be forever grateful for the gesture. Just don’t go alone and take several friends with you. The feeling is amazing to help others in need.

Written by BES Group and Associates Staff -Baytown

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