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Lessons Learned after Hurricane Harvey…One Year Later

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

This past August marked a special anniversary for our city, one that many of us stopped to reflect upon. Just a year ago, Hurricane Harvey devastated much for our community. It was a painful time for so many Houstonians and many are still recovering from the environmental, physical, and mental damage Hurricane Harvey inflicted. That being said, we have put together a list of lessons learned after Harvey and what they mean to us today.

(1) You don’t know how strong you are until you are pushed beyond your limits. Many of us faced danger like never before when we had to risk swimming to safety. Many were taken by boats and helicopters to safety. Stories rang loud and clear of the shear bravery of mother and fathers carrying their children to safety or perfect strangers risking their lives to save another. As a city, we were pushed well beyond our limits and we succeeded.

(2) There is no greater generosity than that of our community. As the storm continued to beat down on our city, many members of our community opened their doors and hearts to provide food and shelter to those displaced. Families and friends drew closer together and others opened their homes to to those in need. Even after Hurricane Harvey passed, neighbors helped neighbors and more than ever we saw our community giving to each other in different capacities. Whether it was clothing, food, shelter, or even encouragement we proved that Houston has a sense of community like none other.

(3) Materials possessions never matter as much as you think. How many times have you gotten upset about a broken iphone, or maybe your brand new television start malfunctioning and it drives you crazy. We’ve all been there. We work hard for the things we own. We work hard to provide a good home for our families. We work hard to drive our vehicles. Then, in just a few days, many of our citizens lost everything. Vehicles, homes, and belongings destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. While it was a devastating loss it made us all realize that WE truly matter the most! Our lives, our health, our well-being matters more than any material or property.

(4) Healing takes time. Many continue to recover form Hurricane Harvey, not only from physical damage to their homes, property, or self, but from the mental anguish. As we entered another hurricane season many feared what it would bring and our city went into a planning frenzy to prepare for the worse. If you are still dealing with fear, loss, depression, or anxiety, you are not alone and you should not feel ashamed. Be encouraged that you can take as long as you need to heal. Just be sure you are reaching out for help when you need it. BES Group & Associates is standing by if you need any mental health services.

As we reflect on Hurricane Harvey, let’s agree that we as a city weathered the storm together and are now stronger than ever. May you have all that you need So You Live™ happy, healthy, and strong.

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We are a medical supply store in Pasadena . We saw the utter devastation Harvey left on our community. But what lifted us the most was the generosity of other Houstonians. This is 2020, and this piece was written in 2018, we wanted to remind people that even in these times, Houston can come out on top.

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